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We at Qrios Networks Limited are heartbroken at the sudden loss of Clinton Paul-aniemu, a friend, a colleague. He passed away on August 1st, leaving a void that cannot be filled. For more than eight years, Clinton was more than just a member in of the team to us before becoming the product manager First Bank Nigeria. He was a steadfast partner, a reliable collaborator. His passion for making banking accessible and user-friendly was contagious, inspiring all who worked with him. Clinton was good at transforming complex ideas into simple and effective products, making a profound impact on the way banking is done today. His work on the USSD Banking platform, the growth he cultivated on the 894Banking Platform/Network, and the launch of the Bills Payment Services stand as testaments to his innovation and diligence. But Clinton was not just about achievements and milestones. He was a man who believed in people and relationships. His genuine interest in those he worked with and his tireless commitment to forging strategic partnerships within the industry set him apart. More than that, Clinton had a unique way of making every interaction personal and meaningful. His gentle soft voice and laughter was infectious, his kindness unparalleled, and his encouragement was always heartfelt. He treated us at Qrios like family and like friends, always putting people first. His sudden absence has left us with a profound sense of loss, but also a deep appreciation for having had the chance to work with him. His passion, determination, and warm spirit have touched us all and will continue to inspire us. In memory of Clinton Paul-aniemu - a friend, and a truly remarkable human being. We will miss you, Clinton. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his loved ones during this difficult time. Rest in peace, dear friend. Signed *moshadetoro for QRIOS